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"Rolf has impressed me with his work at HamsaPay. His pursuit of details and perfection reminded me of my time at Apple when I worked there as Director of Apple Pay Asia. Similar to the talented engineers and product designers at Apple with a strong culture of offering best products to users, Rolf shared the same traits. When he worked on a project, he would surprise you with a perfect final outcome. In his works, he was very creative and innovative. He cared about product details and user experiences deeply. I was very happy to see all the great works done with his magic hands and enjoyed working with him a lot. I believe your organisation will be benefit hugely from Rolf too!" 
Liang Gong Hamsa Co-founder & APAC CEO

"Rolf is a phenomenal designer. Highly collaborative, he’s extremely easy to work with, but he also has bags of experience so he carefully guides you to the right end result. He’s extremely good at ensuring you always see the experience you are designing for through the eyes of the user, which is easier said than done. Also just a wonderful human being".
Paul Birks-Hay Hamsa Chief Marketing Officer, Venables Bell and Partners President

"Rolf is the best designer I've worked with and I've worked with many. Having formerly run Gracenote, led executive positions at MTV overseeing marketing for online, and at SonicNet, the web's premiere music destination, I can tell you that Rolf was at the top. Easy to work with, creative, great listener, flexible, and ultimately delivers the goods. Not sure what else to say aside from the fact that I'd hire him back if I could."
David Hyman CEO Unagi Inc., CEO Beats Music
"Rolf was brought in to create the Mobile Apps, and then quickly brought leadership and direction to design throughout everything Sun Basket; the entire User Experience, Packaging, Marketing, the Recipe Books. He up-leveled everything he worked on. What made him so effective and great to work with is that he is a clear communicator and very open to feedback. He seeks truth and does not let any ego stand in the way from doing a job well. He had a strong passion for our product and mission. I learned a tremendous amount about design and thoughtfulness from Rolf. I feel so lucky to have worked with him for three years and cannot recommend him strongly enough!
Tyler MacNiven SunBasket Co-founder

"I loved working with Rolf. He flexed well as a lead designer. He is able to take a brief conversation, create comps, partner with the client and iterate on the design until they are satisfied and ready to move forward. He manages difficult clients quite well and gets them to a place where they get their needs met. He also partners well with the tech side of the stack, able to write tickets, manage the work queue, and assess production readiness. I appreciated that Rolf can wear more than one hat, which is super valuable in a start up company. He brings a good attitude and excitement to work. Would hire him again tomorrow…"
Matthew O'Meara CEO Twocents, SunBasket Head of Product & Engineering

"Rolf is an extraordinary designer and business partner. In over 25 years of working with designers, I would say he is the best I've worked with. Not only is he extremely talented in his craft, but he understands how to achieve effective business results through the use of them. He is a blast to work with, and became a critical member of the team while we sorted through strategy, not just when we got to the design phase."
Andrea Abegglen VP Marketing GigaOm 

"Rolf came into Blippar as a design consultant for an eight week project where he helped us flesh out our visual design strategy and create consistency across the breadth of our product offerings. From his first day to the last hour of his last day, he did an exceptional job of creating a structured approach to identify immediate and strategic design opportunities. His ability to think strategically was matched by his ability to execute and he did so by getting hands on with implementing his designs once they were approved. My team and I appreciated Rolf's no nonsense yet collaborative and inclusive approach to design. It was a pleasure to work with him, would recommend him without hesitation, and hope our paths cross again on a future project."
Ryan Schmaltz Blippar EVP, Founding Director Media & Emerging Technology Lab, U of North Carolina School of the Arts.
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