Back in 2009, when skeuomorphic design was the norm, even at Apple, I took MOG into a direction of a dark, flat design, which, at that time, was considered bold and fresh. Other telltale signs found in Spotify's and Apples later designs (look at AppleTV now, particularly the keyboard) indicated that somewhere in their Design departments, MOG fans lurked. At that time, there were MOG fans everywhere, as it was just a wonderful streaming service. 
At this time, interactivity on TVs was just starting to happen, and I was given the opportunity to develop this app for LG and Samsung TVs. It was a real challenge, because at that time, it was still the wild west as far as TV interaction was concerned. And so, just me and one Developer/Product Manager got to invent a music streaming app for TV from scratch.
The TVs were just too klutzy and slow to begin with. Just getting to the app in the TV interface was a pain. Most people at that time didn't bother with the app integrations, and just used Rokus, or plugged their laptops in directly, and in truth, it never worked as well as the Roku app we developed. But we learned a lot, and the Samsung and LG folks seemed super excited at the time…
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