• +$125K/Week in additional Gross Revenue ($6.5M annually).
• >10% of orders each week contained at least one Marketplace item.
• From Design concept to beta testing: 6 weeks.
I led all UX Design, Project Management and front end Engineering for the iOS and Android mobile applications. 
2019: Marketplace 
A lot of changes happened to Sun Basket in the subsequent two years after I joined and designed the first mobile apps for iOS and Android. We determined that users wanted to be able to use Sun Basket to solve more than just dinner, and that we could aim to be a solution for more meals throughout the week. 
After much research and discussion, we determined to add a set of 150 additional products that the user could add on to their order. And so we began testing into changing the subscription model altogether, allowing a minimum box value instead of a minimum number of recipes, and even testing allowing users to order a box a la carte, without a subscription. The most significant change to the UX becomes a change to the primary left/right swipe navigation from weeks to different aisles of our virtual supermarket. ​​​​​​​
Sun Basket Marketplace: Before and After:

Recipe Edit Flow
The addition of all those new products necessitated a cart (the button in the top right corner). The cart then fulfills the need to offer the user an easy way to get a higher comparative view of everything ordered, retaining the immersive large image view of the recipes that encourages ordering. 
We still kept the schedule page, because we determined that adding the ability to skip from the menu page would increase skip too much. (You may notice that Colors and typefaces have also evolved at this point, a part of a larger branding revision that we undertook during this time). 
In order to get a clear test of retaining a 2 recipe minimum requirement against just having a minimum $ requirement (and allow no dinners if needed), we also removed the edit mode which required a careful reworking of the experience, and careful user testing. 
Marketplace proves to be a success
In the end, the addition of Market items, in the context of the changes to this UI added $2.50 in average order value each week ($1.90 from 3rd Party Items, and $0.60 from Sun Basket Kitchen eg Salads/Dips/Sauces). Our weekly orders would fluctuate, but based on a mean of 50,000 orders per week, this is a $6.5M annual run rate,or $125K/Week in additional Gross Revenue. 
On average, 10% of orders each week contained at least one 3rd party Marketplace item, while 4-5% contain a Sun Basket kitchen add on. 
43% of active users have ordered an add-on, 27% have ordered 2 or more times.
Of those who have trialed an add-on, 55% repurchased (ordered again).
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