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I offer sparklingly perfect, production ready designs, with specs so clear and easy to follow, Engineers send me Christmas presents. But before that, lots of ideas, conversation, spitballing, wire framing, prototyping, tearing it all down, looking at the data, rebuilding it back up, poking holes, A/B testing, talking to users, dreaming the what ifs, and generally having fun with it, until it rocks the world. I've helped small and large companies see themselves from a new perspective. I’ve led laser-focused design teams, and I’ve had to go it alone as a one-man design team for large-scale projects. 
And I love designing. Not only applications, but also logos, icons, books, film titles, posters, clothes, t-shirts, spaces, projections, infographics, store fronts, displays... Some of the larger companies I've helped include Beats Music, Verizon, HP, Motorola, The Smithsonian, and KPMG Consulting.  Feel free to reach out…

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