Photoworks SF

Challenge In 2005, this store-fronted photo development lab in San Francisco's Castro district wanted a fresh update on their brand identity, as they went into offering online services. Photo developing was becoming a premium niche service, with a radically changing business model. Photoworks needed to look interesting, efficient, and artsy. It also needed to suggest that they were both forward thinking with new digital technologies, while firmly rooted in the dying analog/film world of the past. Solution After working through a few possible directions with the client, the direction that most resonated, was essentially to take inspiration from old camera manuals and photo-developing packaging, and from early imagery associated with camera advertising, to create something that was both fun, current, but a play on the past. An emphasis on contrasting stark black and white elements with strongly saturated color helps speak of a business that has a non-exclusive focus on Black and White film services.

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